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You've probably heard wizened, older riders mention that bike fit is the most important variable in selecting or perfecting your bicycle. They're right. Whether you want more comfort, more efficient pedaling, the perfect frame size, injury prevention or all of the above, there's nothing more effective than a correct fit.

Where other fitting methods rely on personal opinion, cycling mythology or hastily-taken tape measurements, the Body Scanning CRM uses the latest technology to ensure an exquisitely precise fit based on your exact measurements.

Beam me up Scotty! These measurements are fast!
Lasers?! Hey, What Is This Stuff?

The Body Scanning CRM (photo) is not a prop from a recent episode of Star Trek. Rather, it's a quick, easy way to guarantee a comfortable, ergonomic fit for your bicycle. 

Our Laser Measuring Module takes five measurements from different locations in a completely non-invasive procedure that won't hurt and doesn't even require anyone to touch you. After we take the measurements our computers go to work and Body Scanning CRM turns out the optimal measurements for your bicycle.

Advantages of Body Scanning CRM

While your last bike may have fit adequately without a fit like this, Body Scanning takes the "maybe" and guesswork out of the equation. Our detailed calculations accurately gauge your body dimensions and factor in your riding style with no chance for human error.

In fact, with Body Scanning CRM, every one of our employees can provide you with the correct fit. The process is also as quick and easy as it is efficient. There's no need to wear special clothes or subject yourself to hours of measurement. In most cases you don't even need to remove your shoes!

Body Scan Laser Measurements

1. Height

2. Shoulder Width

3. Shoulder Height
4. Arm Length
5. Hip Height

What Do I Need To Do?

All you need to do is relax and enjoy the experience! We'll have you stand in the Body Scanning Module (photo), place your head against the wall and then we'll use the Body Scanner to take your measurements. This is done with a completely harmless mild laser light that takes the five all-important measurements.

You're Ready to Ride!
Now you're set for a great season of riding! Have fun!
After taking the measurements, your consultant will ask you several brief questions to determine the type of riding you intend to do. Then, we enter your measurements and riding info into the Body Scanning CRM software.

This program provides accurate, detailed feedback on each cycling measurement and recommendation. Then our Body Scan's Bicycle Adjustment Tool transfers computed measurements directly to your bicycle. 

The result is a whole new ride. Enjoy the comfort and be sure to take it easy on your friends as you dole out newfound power!

We're excited to be able to provide this space-age ultra-precise measurement system. If you have questions about Body Scanning CRM or any other aspect of cycling or bicycle fitting please don't hesitate to ask!

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