182tv观免费线路一二三-Tuffburg - Hattiesburg, MS (~104 mi from Mobile)

  • Tuffburg (Golden Eagle Trail)
    77 Jackson Road
    Hattiesburg, MS  39402

    The Golden Eagle Trail Complex (aka Tuffburg) is a multi-use trail made up of 11 miles of single track with a large range of trail difficulty that will challenge all skill levels of hikers, bikers, and runners. There are arrows on the trails that point in a suggested direction of flow. After you get to know the trails, ride them backward to hone in your skills.

    • 11 miles of single track fun!
    • Intermediate to advanced riding
    • Roots, pine straw, dirt
    • 272' elevation

    Fun, fast trail that is well-maintained with good access, parking, and restrooms. 95% singletrack with only a short section along a pipeline. The trail follows rolling, hilly terrain in upland pines with a few sections where the forest turns to lowland hardwood. All the creek crossings and low spots have well-built bridges and are easily navigable. The trail is color coded and can be followed by using the map posted at Jackson Road station.

    日本老湿一分钟试看-Tufburg Mountain Bike Trails

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